media will never inform you??

media will never inform you??
Nestle company accepts that they add juice extracted from Beef in chocolate Kitkat.
media never informed you ???
That in a case in Chennai high court Fair & Lovely company accepted that the cream contains the oil from Pig fats !!
media never informed us that Vicks is banned in how many countries of Europe ! There it has been declared as slow poison ! But in our country we see it’s advertising on TV whole day !!

media never informed us that Life bouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap ! But it’s
a Cabolic soap used for bathing animals !
Europe uses Life bouy for Dogs ! And in our country millions of humans use it !!

media never informed us ! ???????????
That Coke, Pepsi is in reality toilet cleaner ! it has been proved that it contains 21 types of different poisons ! And it’s sale is banned in the canteen of indian parliament ! But it is sold in whole country !!
media never informed us ????
That foreign companies selling health tonics like Boost
Protin-ex., were tested in Delhi at All India Institute (which houses biggest laboratory in india) and it was found that it is made from the waste left after oil is extracted from Groundnut ! Which is food for animals ! From this waste they make health tonic !!
media never informed us ??????
When Amitabh Bachhan was operated in hospital for 10 long hours !
Doctor had to cut and remove large intestine !! and doctor had told him that it has rotten due to drinking of soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi ! And then he stopped advertising coke
pepsi !
Media is faithful to the advertisers.
Lots of people enjoy Pizzas today.
Let’s have a look over pizza companies

“Pizza Hut
Pizza Corner
Papa John’s Pizza
California Pizza Kitchen
Sal’s Pizza”

These are all american companies,

Note:- to make Pizza tasty…
E-631 flavor Enhancer is added which is made from Pork or Pig meat.

● Attention friends if following codes are mentioned on food packs then you should know what you are unknowingly consuming.

E 322 – Beef
E 422 – Alcohol
E 442 – Alcohol & Chemical
E 471 – Beef & Alcohol
E 476 – Alcohol
E 481 – mixture of Beef and Pork
E 627 – Dangerous Chemical
E 472 – mixture of Beef, meat & Pork
E 631 – Oil extracted from Pig fats.

● Note – you will find these codes mostly in products of foreign companies like :- Chips , Biscuits , Chewing Gums, Toffees, Kurkure and Maggi !

● Don’t ignore pay your kind attention atleast for the well being of your kids, if in doubt then search by yourself through your sources if not internet. (Google)

● Look at ingredient on Maggi pack, you will find flavor (E-635 ).

● Also look for following codes on Google :-

E100, E110, E120, E140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252, E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475, E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542, E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.

Kindly forward it to your family and friends to spread awareness.👈👈👈👍👍

Well it seems nobody in India really cares what companies sell and what is being consumed. Surprisingly, these products are banned across the world, but not in India. Here’s a list:



A 2010 story published in The Hindu said that branded honey sold in the country was contaminated. When Centre for Science and Environment examined 12 branded honey products that were sold in India, including those made by companies like Dabur, Himalaya, Patanjali, Baidyanath, Khadi and two foreign organisations based out of Switzerland and Australia, scientists found high levels of six harmful antibiotics in 11 samples.

Indian companies who export their products abroad, and foreign companies by default, must conform to stringent standards as most developed countries have banned or strictly regulated antibiotics in honey. So setting an example of double standards, most Indian companies dump the contaminated honey on the domestic market in the country, since there are no regulations here.

“It is clear that foreign companies are taking advantage of the lack of regulations in India. After all, if our government does not care about the health of its people, why should these companies care?” CSE director Sunita Narain was quoted telling by the daily.



Among the long list of banned medicines outside India are commonly used drugs like Novalgin, D-Cold, Vicks Action-500, Enteroquinal, Furoxone and Lomofen (anti-diarrheal), Nimulid, Analgin (pain killer), Ciza and Syspride, (acidity and constipation), Nimesulide (painkiller) and Buclizine (appetite stimulant), which are still being sold on the Indian market.

India’s best-selling car Maruti-Suzuki Alto 800


India’s best selling car Maruti-Suzuki Alto 800 and a few others like the Tata Nano and the Hyundai i10 failed the independent crash test conducted by Gobal NCAP. The structure of these cars proved inadequate and collapsed to varying degrees, resulting in high risks of life-threatening injuries to the occupants. The extent of the structural weaknesses in these models were such that the fitted airbags would not be effective in reducing the risk of serious injury. Surprisingly, these cars with all its inadequacies are being sold in India. Drivers please be careful!



67 pesticides which are banned or restricted in many international markets are still in use in India. Expert committees set up by the Central government have examined the matter and they recommended continued use of the pesticides in most cases while restricted use was recommended for some. Some pesticides still used in India include Carbaryl, Malathion, Acephate, Dimethoate, Chlorpyrifos, Lindane, Quinalphos, Phosphomidon, Carbandizm, Captan, Tridamorph, Practilachlor, 2.4–D and Glyphosate.

Kinder Surprise Eggs or Kinder Joy


Well if you try taking one of these into the US you could be fined up to $2,500 per illegal Kinder egg. Because a toy is kept inside a confection, Kinder eggs are embargoed from point of entry into the US. The embedded toy within the candy is deemed a choking risk for small children. But don’t worry you can enjoy them in India and yes not to forget you also get to keep the surprise toy that you get along with it! Gosh no one really cares here, do we?

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