Ways to maintain your garden

Gardening is a passion for many, and they give special significance to see their garden grow in a proper way. Gardens are very sensitive, and you need to know a lot about the basics of gardening, before you harbour any thoughts of having a garden. If you are not aware of gardening facts and rules, you may well see your garden wipe away pretty soon.

It’s significant that you maintain your garden in a defined manner. There are lots of factors which need to be taken into account. For instance, climatic conditions where you reside are certainly an important issue.  Gardens need to be protected in a particular way, according to the climatic conditions.

Therefore, learn few selected facts, and then proceed to lay a garden in your backyard.

Here are few ways to maintain your garden.

– Not many of you ever take the weeds seriously? Weeds are dangerous for your gardens. It could kill your garden, and more importantly weeds do keep coming up. You just can’t stop weeds from cropping here and there, but you could certainly clean the weeds and make your garden safe, and protected from unwanted weeds.

You should also be aware of the fact that weeds snatches nutrients from a plant’s body, and that is one reason, plants die soon. Secondly, many plant diseases spread from weeds to other plants in your garden. Therefore, removal of weeds should be the first step in maintaining your garden.

–  Carry a notebook and keep yourself informed about each plant’s progress by noting significant details of each plant.

Noting important facts about each plant would help you keep track of plant’s progress. There are bound to be some plants that have not bloomed properly, and they have shown very little progress. Jotting names of such plants would guide you to take special care of plants, and you may also note down the reason as why such plants have not grown properly.

– Early morning walk to your garden is a healthy habit. It helps you to know your garden better. Check for dusts and debris which may have arrived due to a small storm or wind. Clear them off.If your garden has fruits, look for those trees, and look to see, if any fruits are ripe. Remove them and make your garden free of pests.

Finally, you should be highly careful about pests. Never allow pests to settle down for a longer period. As soon as you find them, fix them up.


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